Friday, July 20, 2007

The End

We're in the air again and I've watched two movies but still don't feel tired enough to sleep. I wonder if I will sleep at all. There are less than 3 hours to go before we land in Sydney - at around 6am in the morning I think. Hopefully I'll nap on the bus ride to Canberra. I'm feeling pretty weird about being home again. A year really is a long time and the places we have been over the past few weeks so different from each other, Canada, the UK, then Italy, then Singapore and finally Australia. Well the first and the last are probably the most similar. We are all very quiet really - but maybe Richard and Darcy are just catching my mood.

Singapore was really relaxing. I had forgotten just how comfortable a place it is to be. Richard and Darcy were wondering why we didn't spend more time there and less in Italy but I hope on reflection they will be glad that we spent the time we did in Italy. They also noticed how friendly and helpful Singaporeans are. As I reminded them, Singapore is a relatively cheaper place to get to and to holiday in so they are likely to get a chance to spend more time there themselves when they are older. I didn't push them to do any sight-seeeing as I'm sure they'll be back one day and they'll be able to explore it for themselves - except to take them for a walk along the riverside last night, past parliament house etc. Other than that, they slept, shopped and swam in the pool and Richard finally got to eat Char Keow Teow again - his favourite dish back in Australia but hard to find in Canada, the UK and Italy. He has been craving it ever since he left Australia. The food is so great and cheap in Singapore. Italy was hard for them food wise because of the cost. I was able to cook when we stayed those few nights at the cottage near Assisi, but other than that we had to eat out all the time.

I hope Chris, Richard and Darcy had a good holiday. They can post their comments - come on guys !

I would just love someone to give me a magic voucher that would allow me to fly to wherever I wanted for holidays periodically. Maybe when Anthony is a Qantas pilot I'll get cheap fares if I'm not too old to travel then.

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